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Fiera Uz Glass

Uz Glass is the professional Glass Technology EXPO in Central Asia. The event focuses on not only flat glass but also hollow/container glass, also the Aluminum, windows, and doors industry. The market target is for the entire Central Asia. It is the perfect platform where glass, door & window industries communicate and meet worldwide suppliers and Central Asia buyers.



Y T International Enterprise Inc./ Y T Group
Address: 2 Sheppard Ave E, 20th Floor, Toronto, M2N 5Y7 ON Canada
Phone: +1 514 803 6068

Organizer introduction:
Y T International is an global trade show organizer, specific focus on the Glass and widow industry expos. The first Glasstech expo project was organized in Vietnam 2012 (Glasstech Vietnam 2013 edition by the Hongkong branch company of Y T Group.), The second glasstech expo project was announced in 2018 in Mexico (Glasstech Mexico 2019 edtion), The third Glasstech Expo was announced in 2022 in Canada (Glasstech Canada 2023), The forth Glasstech Expo was announced in 2023 in Uzbekistan (Uz Glass 2024).

Nazione Usbekistan
Città GTashkent
Località UzExpro Center
Turno annually
Prossimo appuntamento 27.11.2024 - 29.11.2024


Ditta Y T International Enterprise Inc.