The ASEAN Federation of Glass Manufacturers (AFGM) has postponed the 44th ASEAN Glass Conference in Thailand until 2021, with the Glass Manufacturers Industry Club, The Federation of Thai Industries (GMFTI) remaining the host. Originally due to be staged in 2020, AFGM Chairman Thai Tran Quoc and the individual Chairmen of the member associations made the decision due to the ongoing global Coronavirus outbreak.

With Glass Worldwide as exclusive official journal, the AFGM is now in its 43rd year as a regional industry association composed of glass manufacturers in South East Asia.

In addition to the GMFTI, other member associations include the Glass Manufacturers’ Association of the Philippines, the Indonesian Glass Manufacturers Association, Glass Manufacturers Association of Malaysia and Vietnam Glass Association.

The ASEAN Glass Conference was last staged in Thailand in 2016 in Hua Hin, while the 43rd conference took place last year in Cebu, the Philippines, where a combination of technical and social events attracted attendees from 25 different countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and Oceania.

Dates and further information about the 44th ASEAN Glass Conference will be announced in a future issue of Glass Worldwide.

Pictured are AFGM dignitaries and guests at the 43rd ASEAN Glass Conference in Cebu in 2019.


15.04.2020, Glass Worldwide / AFGM

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