Company Updates

10th of Ramadan City, Egitto

United Glass Containers Company (UGC)

The company is specialized in the quality production of the following: 1- Glass containers for food & beverages in flint, amber and green with capacity ranging from 200 cc to 1200 cc. Silk-screen printing is available in up to 3 colors. 2-...


Tampere, Finlandia

Cimec Oy

NTT Glass Lifter- pneumatically powered telescopic glass lifter equipped with two-speed lifting and tilting- endless rotation of the gripper- endless rotation around suspension- extremely suitable for lifting jobs in low room that cannot be...


Sesto S. Giovanni (Mi), Italia

Vetrobalsamo SpA

Specialized in the creation of customised bottles, Vetrobalsamo is able to give an answer to any kind of requirements of the customer, even the most meticulous one, driving the client to the definition of the shape of its own bottle, up to its full...


Wolfratshausen, Germania


TUNAP is the international system and development partner to the automotive industry. Together with our cooperation partners, we develop customized solutions for improved mobility. The portfolio includes chemical products, both for maintenance...


Horsham, Inghilterra

Sussex Lighting

We offer interior and exterior lighting, glassware, furnishings and art of the highest quality which are often unique, always exclusive and truly...


Estancia, Sergipe, Brasil

Planta Estancia-SE Vidroporto - Unidate Nordeste, former Verallia Saint Gobain Vidros S.A. (Estancia)

The factory produces glass bottles and jars for food and beverages and will primarily serve the Northeastern market in...


Nairobi, Kenia

Consol Glass Kenia Ltd., Ardagh (East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL))

Established in 1987 to produce glass containers in flint, amber and green to internationally required standards, CGI is currently the leading container glass manufacturer in the East African region. The CGI plant is a modern, fully integrated...


Hamburg, Germania (Extended Package)

Glass Technology International (Hamburg) GmbH, GTI

Supplier of glass mold swabbing compounds, neck ring fluids, IS machine oils, glass shear lubricants and a complete selection of operating and maintance...


Aydin, Turchia (Extended Package)

Kaltun Madencilik San. Nak. ve Akr. Tic. A.S.

Producer supplier of sodium feldspar, potassium feldspar, quartz and mica. Kaltun serves with more than 100 products ranging from <10mm to <10micron, in all packing types like paper bags on pallets, big-bag, or bulk. Kaltun classified its...


Zhengzhou, Repubblica Popolare Cinese (Extended Package)

Firebird New Material Technology Co., Limited, Firebird Thermal Products Co., Limited

Tailor insulation refractory solutions for your glass furnace. A complete products range to meet your exact needs. FJM23, 25, 26, 28, 30, 32 Insulating Firebrick; GMK22, 23, 24 Anorthite Insulating Firebrick; 10MPa Insulating Blocks for...