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Container Glass Maker is investing in a new glass factory in Central Europe with 1300 tpd

The factory will be built to mainly supply a local brewery group and will have two furnaces with final capacity of 1,300 tpd by 2026 The amount for the investment is given with appro. 500 million


    European Container Glass Maker schedules furnace repair in Eastern European factory

    As planned, one of the two furnaces will be renovated in the Q3 2023; As part of this renovation, the Group will be installing its first servo-controlled glass production


      Tableware Glass Maker invests 15 million Euro in Eastern Europe glass upgrade

      The factory will undergo an upgrade and capacity expansion, the company will automate production and optimise the work process, as well as include new technological equipment, as per the local Ministry of Innovation and


        Container Glass Project in Eastern Europe with investment of €58 million

        The company announced to double its production capacity in the country in the next three years. The new furnace will be equipped with the latest technology, providing production process consistency and top-quality


          Central Asian Rock Wool Producer plans to triple capacity by 2024

          The company currently produces 100 tpd of Basalt insulation boards and plans to double by 2023 and to triple production to approx. 325 tpd by 2024. The company seeks technology, scientific cooperation, development of hybrid composites and


            Required IS 8 Gob IS Glass bottle manufacturing Plant

            We are manufacturing glass bottles perfumery, creams ,cosmetic and pharmaceutical since last 70 years various sizes by semi-automatic mechanism and want to go


              South American float glass maker will manufacture textured glass

              The company has announced to change furnace process during cold repair to textured glass with production start by September


                3rd glass melting furnace for Glass Bottle Producer in Brazil

                The 400 tpd regenerative furnace with 3 forehearths will produce container bottles in colours flint, amber and


                  South Asian glass maker to build new 320 million Euro glass manufacturing facility

                  The company active in global packaging and resource recovery has broken ground in Brisbane /Australia for 320 million Euro glass recycling and remanufacturing


                    Chinese Container Glass Maker schedules furnace repair/upgrade in 2025

                    The company operates 3 melting furnaces of each 170 TPD and 220 TPD with total 7 IS-machines* of BB and NNPB


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